The largest wave power plant in the world

TURKEY The 77 MW plant will be built in Ordu province with the technology of converting wave energy into clean electricity from Eco Wave Power.

Eco Wave Power applies wave power technology at Gibraltar Eco power plant. Photo: EWP

Clean energy company Eco Wave Power (EWP) signed an agreement with electricity supplier Ordu Enerji to build the world's largest wave power plant, according to an announcement on December 8 by the EWP. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2011, EWP develops and patents cost-effective and intelligent technology to convert wave energy into electricity.

Under the agreement, Ordu Enerji will hand over 9 suitable breakwaters to Eco Wave Power within 25 years from activating the pilot model to the production plant, while Eco Wave Power is responsible for construction and operation. power plant operation.

The project will start with a 4 MW pilot model at the port of Ordu. EWP will then proceed to build a 77 MW plant consisting of a series of modular fixed steel buoys attached to piston-equipped arms. These arms will pump a liquid through an undersea pipeline to an onshore generator for sustainable energy generation. The project cost $150 million, but the EWP has not revealed a completion date.

"With the goal of building a self-sufficient electricity network in the region, EWP is seen as an important resource to realize the ability to produce 100% clean energy," said Mustafa Kemal Macit, chief executive officer of Ordu Enerji, share. "Ordu Province is looking to harness the limitless energy from ocean waves to power the electricity grid. This project demonstrates Ordu Enerji's commitment to investing in cutting-edge clean electricity technology."

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the potential energy of annual ocean waves off the coast of the United States is estimated at 2.64 trillion kilowatt-hours, or about 64% of the electricity produced in the United States in 2019. At that time, the Ocean Energy Europe association said that 100 GW of wave power capacity could be installed in Europe by 2050, meeting 10% of the countries' electricity needs. Wave power projects will contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions in the world.

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