First impressions of OPPO Reno7 Z 5G: attractive design at first sight, so what about performance and camera?

About 3 days ago, I did  "unboxing" the Reno7 5G and Reno7 Z 5G duo . Right from the moment I opened the box, I was impressed with the Reno7 Z 5G because of its very sleek appearance, so I spent more time with this product than the expensive "elder" Reno7 5G. Especially during this time, I had the opportunity to take the camera with me on a short trip to have practical experiences in both performance and photography capabilities.

The look attracts the eye

The Reno series was born for OPPO to experiment with new and unique designs. However, after the first two products with very different "fish fin" cameras, Reno had a design slowdown in the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations. Coming to Reno6 and now Reno7 Z 5G, the company has found a new direction with square design and colorful colors.

It must be said that this design reminds users of high-end, when expensive smartphones of major brands at the moment such as Galaxy S22 / S22 Plus, iPhone 13 Pro Max also have a square outer shell, not a square shell. there are many rounding, chamfering edges.


The difference between last year's Reno6 and this year's Reno7 Z 5G from other brands is the color scheme. While Samsung and iPhone choose simple and gentle colors, OPPO wants users to look at their products to see all "7 colors of the rainbow".

There is still a black version, but surely all eyes will be on the "Rainbow Silver" Reno7 5G that we have here. This color when viewed in low light conditions will only appear blue and purple, and when going out in strong light, there is no shortage of any color: blue, red, yellow, orange, pink!

Reno6 camera cluster

This year Reno7 Z 5G is even more eye-catching thanks to the redesigned camera cluster compared to Reno6. Following the "trend" of super large cameras, Reno7 Z 5G has 2 cameras with huge lenses, noticeably larger than Reno6 and even the Galaxy S22 Plus.

Not stopping there, Reno7 Z 5G also has a special point in design that even the Reno7 5G with a price higher than 4.5 million does not own: a luminous camera. Around the edges of the 2 large lenses there is a blue LED strip, which will light up continuously when charging and blink when there is a notification. In addition to the aesthetic issue, I also found another "side effect" of these two lights that helps us find the device at night!

The square design, colorful colors and this "super giant" camera duo combine to form a very disruptive, fashionable back. Older brothers and sisters, middle-aged men may not be suitable because they want a simpler design, on the contrary, many GenZ friends will immediately "fall in love" with what they see!

The unfortunate point in the external design is on the front, namely the screen of the machine. Although this is a screen that offers good image quality thanks to its 6.43-inch FullHD+ OLED panel, it lacks a high refresh rate. This feature is now not only available in expensive smartphones, but even mid-range products already own.

To have a specific high-frequency screen feature of 90Hz, users will have to switch to the Reno7 version.

Good camera system, but needs more versatility

Although the camera system of Reno7 Z 5G has a "monumental" appearance, there is still room for improvement. It has a main camera with a resolution as high as 64MP, but next to it is a depth-sensing camera and a macro camera specializing in close-up shots, two types of cameras that, perhaps, many of you will want to change to ultra-wide and telephoto zoom. .

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 11.

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 12.
12MP default photo (left) and 64MP high resolution mode (right)

When shooting with the strength of this system is the large resolution, we will receive high-definition images to freely crop, crop, and see details. In the example above, we can clearly read the small text on the wine bottle in the 64MP image, while the default 12MP image when zoomed in is blurred, losing details. 

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 13.

The point I still do not like is that the photos taken from Reno7 Z 5G often tend to lean towards blue, so they have a cold tone, so they are not really similar to reality.

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 14.

In return, we can adjust the white balance bar towards the yellow a bit to get the best photo.

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 15.
Should pay attention to taking portraits of people wearing glasses with Reno7 Z 5G

With portrait shots, the Reno7 Z 5G has good subject recognition ability, can cut the right person taken, but the small hairs or glasses have not been identified accurately to separate. off the background.

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 16.

The camera with the only different focal length is the macro close-up camera. This type of camera has not a high resolution of only 2MP and also has a fixed focus distance of 4cm, so it also requires the user to "focus with rice" , moving in and out to bring the subject into focus.

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 17.

There is no too high resolution, but the macro camera also gives rich colors, if we have taken the right picture, we do not have to adjust much.

A few more pictures taken from Reno7 Z 5G 

The hottest mid-range processor today
Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 19.

Inside the Reno7 Z 5G is the Snapdragon 695 processor, the successor to the Snapdragon 690 that was used in many products last year. The new chip line has a performance increase of about 15% in CPU and 30% in GPU, not outstanding numbers in the form of "double, triple" but enough to make a difference.

Lien Quan Mobile chose for Reno7 Z 5G HD resolution, High image quality, High detail quality and maintained at 60fps when playing. HD Image Quality alone is not selectable, this feature is exclusive to Snapdragon 7 Series and above.

Snapdragon 695 will be the second Snapdragon 6 Series processor next to its predecessor, the 690, owning a 5G network, besides there is also a Wifi 6 network, but without the Wifi 6E standard, which is also gradually becoming popular.

Quick experience Reno7 Z 5G: Fashion comes first - Photo 21.

Similar to the initial experience when opening the box, I still feel the most impressed about the Reno7 Z 5G about its "super attractive" design, then the performance is also at a sufficient level. The two most notable disadvantages will still be that the screen does not have a high refresh rate and the camera system lacks versatility but makes up for it with a pretty good quality.

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