Energy storage plant - Australia's new "green" technology

According to researchers at the Australian National University (ANU), pump-driven hydroelectricity (or pumped-storage hydroelectricity) can help Australia become a fully green nation. ".

The pumped-storage hydroelectric plant does not produce more electricity but only contributes to regulating the amount of electricity according to the change in electricity demand (load) during the day between peak time (daytime and evening) and peak time ( night).

Currently, renewable energy accounts for only about 15% of Australia's total electricity, while nearly 70% of electricity is generated from coal-fired thermal power plants.

The pumped-storage hydroelectric plant will have a minimal impact on the environment and requires "little water".

However, according to ANU Professor Andrew Blakers, the accumulated hydroelectric power plant - along with current wind and solar power - could turn Australia into a "completely green nation".

Professor Blakers said most of the coal-fired and coal-fired power plants will close within the next 15 years and that the technology of a hydroelectric plant will cost water cheaper than coal and gas. burning.

Professor Matthew Stocks, meanwhile, said that a hydroelectric plant would have a minimal impact on the environment and would require "less water" than the energy generated from fossil fuels.

Currently, Australia has only three hydroelectric power stations. The advantage of this plant model is that it can regulate the amount of electricity according to the needs of the market, thereby creating more flexibility to supply the national electricity market.

Accordingly, ANU believes there will be hundreds of facilities that this hydropower technology can be leveraged, with hills and mountains stretching from northern Queensland down to South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

3,000 ton ship lift at the world's largest hydroelectric dam
Giant elevator at the Three Gorges Dam, China, can lift ships of up to 3,000 tons.

Structure of a giant ship lift at the Tam Diep hydroelectric dam.

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