Designing a floating city off the coast of China

AT Design Office company shared images of the 10 square kilometer floating city on the sea.

The floating city will be assembled from prefabricated modules. Photo: AT Design Office

Design unit AT Design Office first introduced the plan to build a floating city in 2015, expected to be located in the Dawan district of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, Sun reported on December 3. According to the design, the city will include a prefabricated concrete pillar 150 m long and 30 m wide. Due to its distance from the mainland, the city will have a port for large passenger ships, a marina and a parking lot for civilian submarines. The highways above and below the water will connect the different compartments of the floating city.

AT Design Office with headquarters in the UK and China, designed a floating city with an area of ​​​​10 km2 by Chinese construction company CCCC-FHDI. CCCC-FHDI used the same technology to build a 50 km long bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. Part of the bridge is an underwater tunnel, connected to a 150-meter-long precast concrete pillar, according to architect Slavomir Siska. The pier was cast on a nearby island and floated to the construction site before being connected. Siska is working with engineers to plan a floating city using similar technology.

The original design proposal for the floating city consisted of a series of hexagonal modules linked together to form one complex, the largest floating structure ever built, In addition to the transportation network of yachts and submarines, The city also has a floating hotel and entertainment complex. The idea of ​​the architects was to create a largely self-sufficient city with farms, fish cages and waste collection facilities, allowing for self-production of food and sustainable waste disposal.

Modules will be prefabricated in the factory before floating into the sea. The design team promises to create two "public green belts" for sports and entertainment, one above and one underwater. Natural ventilation and light will be provided through the chimney in the center of the vertical garden in the city. According to the AT Design Office, design will have a positive social and economic impact, meet the needs of long-term infrastructure and sustainable development, and provide new educational opportunities. , entertainment, employment, business. However, the company did not disclose when the project will be built and completed.

With sea levels rising, many countries are planning to build floating cities to cope with the risk in the lowlands. For example, the Maldives introduced plans to build a floating city in the Indian Ocean with a capacity of 5,000 houses. Just a 15-minute drive from the capital Male, the city can accommodate 20,000 people with space for hotels, bars and souvenir shops.

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