China - Russia built a floating nuclear power plant

Russia and China will work together to build a floating nuclear power plant for civilian use, and this could give China the experience of building a nuclear carrier in the future.

According to Voice of Russia, during a visit to Shanghai earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a contract to build a floating nuclear power plant.

Perspective photo of floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov of Russia. (Photo:

Vasiliy Kashin, an expert at the Center for Strategic and Technology Analysis in Moscow, said developing a floating nuclear power plant, in cooperation with Russia, would give China the necessary experience. to build a nuclear-powered carrier in the future.

According to Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao, Russia may not be able to transfer technology to China for military reasons. The floating nuclear power plant will be designed to meet civilian needs and this is the only program that Putin is willing to cooperate with China.

The first floating nuclear power plant in the world is being built by Russia named Akademik Lomonosov, located in Saint Petersburg. With two KLT-40C type reactors, the plant can provide 70MW of electricity or 300MW of heat. Akademik Lomonosov's mission is to provide electricity and water to the port cities, oil rigs and offshore gas exploitation.

Want China Times said China could produce nuclear submarines, but it could not produce a reactor that could supply enough power for an aircraft carrier. China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is retrofitted with new and refurbished parts from Ukraine's previously purchased aircraft carrier.

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