China builds a power plant near the Chernobyl nuclear grave

Two Chinese companies plan to start construction of a solar power plant in a restricted area around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, Ukraine.

Two Chinese companies are planning to build a one-gigawatt solar power plant in a 2,600-square-kilometer restricted area around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, Ukraine, Reuters reported on November 21.

GCL System Integration Technology Company (GCL-SI) said it will partner with China Construction Assembling Company (CCEC) to start project implementation next year. CCEC is overall responsible for the project, while GCL-SI will supply and install solar components.

The area around the Chernobyl nuclear plant has been abandoned for years. (Photo: News Group Newspapers LTD).

"Renovating areas affected by nuclear disasters with green and renewable energy will bring many economic and social benefits. In addition, a one-gigawatt power plant is also a part of the group's overseas expansion plan, "said Shu Hua, president of GCL-SI.

GCL-SI did not disclose the exact location of the solar power plant. However, one manager said the site had undergone multiple rounds of inspections by the company's technicians.

"Ukraine has just passed a law that allows agricultural development and many other sectors in the region. This proves that the radioactivity here is under control," the manager commented.

A unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in 1986, causing the worst nuclear disaster ever. Authorities have built a giant concrete grave above the plant to prevent radioactive leakage and set up a forbidden belt around the area.

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