Admire the top 10 largest super ships in the world

Knock Nevis oil tanker of Norway, 458m long; Danish Emma Marsk, 396.8m long; 3.The Oasis of the seas, the Bahamas island nation, 360 meters long is one of the 10 largest super ships in the world.
1. Knock Nevis oil tanker of Norway, 458m long

Knock Nevis, also known as Seawise Giant, Happy Giant and Jahre Viking is known as the "King" of the tankers with a length of 458m, 69m wide.

Currently, it is used as an offshore rig.

Knock Nevis was built from 1979 to 1981, but it was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq war. Knock Nevis was later launched again in 1991. And today, it is used as an immobilized offshore rig.

The ship's tonnage is 564,763 tons, while its displacement is up to 647,955 tons, capable of carrying nearly 650,000m3 of oil (equivalent to nearly 4.1 million barrels of oil).

When full, the submerged section of the ship reached 24.6m, which made it impossible for Knock Nevis to cross the Strait of Manche, but only the Suez and Panama canals.

2. Denmark's Emma Marsk, 396.8m long

The Emma Maersk is the largest container ship in the world, currently under the service of A.P. Moller-Maersk.

The Emma Maersk train has a length of 396.8m; width 56.40m

The vessel was named after the late wife of owner Mærsk Mc-Kinney Moller and was put into use on September 8, 2006. (Previously, this group also had up to 8 other ships with the same name, Emma Maersk, so far most of them have been removed or changed.)

However, according to the agreement between A.P.Moller-Maersk Group and Odense Steel Shipyard, the workshop is building 7 more ships of the same type and is likely to build bigger ships than Emma Maersk.

The Emma Maersk train has a length of 396.8m; 56.40m width (equivalent to the area of ​​4 football fields) and a height of 100m.

One can store 22 containers horizontally of ships and 8 containers height. According to the Group's calculation, each container weighs 14 tons and the ship can carry 11,000 containers. The largest ship ever, the Xin Los Angeles, has a capacity of 9,580 containers, which can only hold 18 containers horizontally.

3. Oasis of the seas of the Bahamas island nation, 360m long

Oasis of the Seas has the most advantages in the world: the largest size, the widest interior, the highest serviceability, the best, most modern and safest cruises.

The largest size, the widest interior, the highest serviceability, best cruises facilities, the most modern and the safest.

The ship was built on orders from Royal Caribbean International, which shattered many world maritime industry records. Oasis of the Seas made its first test journey from Turku, Finland to Miami, USA.

Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship that costs US $ 1.24 billion shipbuilding costs along with an estimated cost of about US $ 2.5 billion to test run and put into commercialization officially in August 2010. It It is approximately 360m long and weighs about 220,000 tons.

Oasis of the Seas has an overall structure of 43% larger than the cruise ship that holds the record for many years, Queen Elizabeth II.

It includes a range of shopping complexes, central parks and resort services equivalent to the quality of a 5-star hotel on the mainland with the ability to serve more than 5,300 tourists and sailors at the same time. group...

4. British Queen Mary 2, 345m long

The largest, newest and most luxurious passenger ship in the world.

Queen Mary 2 (QM2) - the largest, newest and most luxurious passenger ship in the world - pulled anchor to begin the first ocean voyage on 12 January 2004.

5. USS Enterpraiz (CVN-65) US aircraft carrier, 342.3m long

USS Enterprise is the first US Navy nuclear powered aircraft carrier and worldwide.

Unlike conventional carriers, the number of bombs on the Enterprise is 1.5 times more.

The ship was commissioned in 1961, with service life through 2013. USS Enterprise is an aircraft carrier with eight nuclear reactors and is still in operation.

Enterprise was launched on September 24, 1960, was the longest, highest and most powerful military aircraft carrier in the world at that time.

Unlike conventional carriers, the number of bombs on the Enterprise is 1.5 times more. But the most important thing is that the Enterprise doesn't need to refuel during travel: with enough nuclear fuel to last a 13-year carrier's life and during this time, it can travel. nearly 1 million miles.

6. The Japanese battleship Yamato, 263m long

Yamato is named after Japan's long-standing prefecture, Yamato, which was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II and the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet. It was the leading ship in the battleship class named after it.

Yamato served as the flagship of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto throughout 1942.

Yamato, along with her sister ship Musashi, were the largest and heaviest battleships ever built, with a displacement of up to 72,800 tons at full load.

Yamato's main armament consisted of nine 460mm (18.1inch) guns, the largest caliber naval gun ever fitted to warships. Each cannon is 21.13 m (69 ft 4 in) long, weighs 147.3 tons, capable of firing shrapnel or bullets through steel a distance of 42 km (22.6 knots).

The secondary armament consisted of 12 155 mm (6.1 inch) guns arranged in four triple gun turrets (one in the front, the middle and the two at the back of the ship), and 12 127 mm (5 inch) guns. six twin-gun turrets (three on each side of the middle of the ship).

In addition, Yamato is equipped with 24 25 mm (1 inch) anti-aircraft guns, mostly arranged in the middle of the ship. When refitted in 1944, her secondary gun configuration was changed to 6 155 mm (6.1 inch) guns, 24 127 mm (5 inch) guns, and 162 25 mm (1 inch) anti-aircraft guns. ), in preparation for naval battles in the South Pacific region.

Built between 1937 and 1940 and commissioned in late 1941, Yamato served as the flagship of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto throughout 1942, first acting as a component of Combined Fleet during the Battle of Midway in June 1942.

Throughout 1943, Yamato constantly moved between Truk, Kure and Brunei bases to counter US air strikes on Japanese base islands.

The only time Yamato fired its main cannons on the enemy warship was during the battle off Samar in October 1944. Yamato was sunk in April 1945 during the Ten-Go operation.

7. Russian 941 "Shark" submarine, 172m long

Today's largest nuclear submarine is the Russian Dmitry Donskoi (NATO name for the shark). Dmitry Donskoi was built under the 941U project and when compared to the Kursk submarine it was not inferior.

Shark Submarines are equipped with 20 ballistic missiles, each carrying 10 nuclear warheads.

Shark Submarines are equipped with 20 ballistic missiles, each carrying 10 nuclear warheads. These weapons can simultaneously attack 200 large ground targets with a total area of ​​7,000 km² (Moscow area is 1,000 km²), at a distance of 10,000 km.

In other words, this ship somewhere in the White Sea area could suddenly destroy dozens of New York-like cities; blow up a small country in Europe or flatten half of Afghanistan. "Sharks" are stronger than 10 Topol regiments.

The Akula submarine launched in June 2002. The "shark" was built in the 80s of last century and has been waiting for remodeling for 12 years. Funds to modernize the ship are too large and the national budget cannot meet them immediately.

It can be said that completing "Shark" is a great feat for Russia.

8. Russian Eclipse Yacht, 170m long

With a length of 550 feet (nearly 170m), the Eclipse that Roman Abramovich ordered has become the largest private superyacht in the world ever.

The Eclipse that Roman Abramovich ordered has become the largest private superyacht in the world ever.

It is also equipped with a cinema and can carry 70 crew members, 24 guests. However, a special feature of the yacht lies in the advanced defense system.

Radar on board has the ability to detect missiles and will alert early when there is a risk of pirates attack or terrorism. The area of ​​the bridge and control cabin is armored. The windows are also designed by bulletproof material.

On the boat there are two areas for the helicopter. In addition, Abramovich also installed anti-bacterial devices. If a stranger invades, the Russian billionaire can escape on a yellow submarine that dives nearly 50 meters deep.

The Russian billionaire secretly placed a super yacht in Germany, the birthplace of the famous battleship Bismarck during World War II. Even the name Eclipse is too proud, the owner wants it to appear when it will eclipse every superyacht in the world.

9. Russia's "50 Years of Victory" icebreaker, 159.6 meters long

The "50 Years of Victory" icebreaker is the world's largest atomic icebreaker. This is an improvement project of a series of "Artika"-style atomic breakers.

The icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" was launched on December 29, 1993

The ship is 159m long, 30m wide and has a tonnage of 25,000 tons. The maximum thickness of ice that this ship can break is 2.8m. The capacity of the ship is 75 thousand horsepower. The crew is composed of 138 employees.

The icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" was launched on December 29, 1993. Later due to lack of funding, the shipbuilding was delayed. Part of the funding has been granted since the late 1990s.

10. France II French sailboat, 146.2m long

It is by far the largest sailing ship in the world in shipbuilding history. This is a 5-masted ship, built at the Chantiers et Ateliers de la Gironde Shipyard in Bordo in 1911.

This is the largest sailing boat in the world in shipbuilding history.

The boat has a length of 146.20m, water displacement of 10,710 tons. During World War I, the boat was once armed with a 90mm cannon.

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