5 greatest means on the planet

Russian space shuttle aircraft, super excavators from Germany are super huge vehicles with unique capabilities.

Airplane carrying space shuttle

The Antonov An-225 Mriya giant strategic transport aircraft is the largest aircraft that people are using. This is the heaviest aircraft in the world, researched and developed by Antonov Design Department in the 80s to transport Buran space shuttle (over 100 tons).

Antonov An-255 aircraft. Photo: Gizmocrazed.com.
The first and only Antonov An-255 was born in 1988 under the name Mriya (meaning inspiration in Ukrainian). Built for the purpose of transporting the Buran space shuttle, Antonov An-255 serves a variety of activities, especially since the Russian death of the Buran space shuttle project. Although still in service, but for a long time, Antonov An-255 has no chance to carry any shuttle.

The super tanker Knock Nevis

Seawise Giant, Knock Nevis oil tanker, the product of Sumitomo Corporation in Japan, is the largest and longest transport ship ever built by man. Its maximum load is up to 657,019 tons. Because it was too long, Knock Nevis was difficult to redirect. The ship could not cross the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal.

The super tanker Knock Nevis. Photo: Wikipedia.
If Knock Nevis stands up, it will be taller than the US Empire State Building. Despite being the largest ship in the world, the fate of Knock Nevis is quite long. It was once in the Iran-Iraq war. It is then salvaged and reused. The ship also once became a floating oil storage off the Persian Gulf.

Super cruise ship MS Oasis of the Seas

As the world's largest passenger ship of the Oasis class, the MS Oasis of the Seas cruise ship was transferred by the Finnish shipbuilder to the owner, Royal Caribbean International (based in Miami, Florida, USA). in October 2009. The ship has a length of 361.6 m, a height of 72 m with a total of 16 floors, enough to serve 6,000 guests at once. It is capable of traveling at a speed of 22.6 knots, equivalent to 41.9 km / h.

Super cruise ship MS Oasis of the Seas. Photo: Wikipedia.
Not only proving the extraordinary transport ability, MS Oasis of the Seas is also famous around the world for its luxury and flashiness. The ship has a mini golf course, a cable car system that allows passengers to enjoy the panoramic view of the ship, many swimming pools, clubs, bars and shops. Even MS MS of the Seas is the first ship to own an eco-park on the sea with 12,000 trees.

Super Bagger 288 excavator

Bagger 288 is a product of Krupp in Germany. With a giant spinning wheel and an 18-bucket bucket system, the capacity of 6.6 m3 / bucket, the super excavator can scoop 240,000 tons of coal or 240,000 m3 of rock and soil a day. This amount of rock is large enough to bury a football field to a depth of 30 m.

Bagger 28 Excavator 288. Photo: Gizmocrazed.com.
Designed to scrape away huge amounts of rock and soil covering coal mines, Bagger 288 is able to move from place to place at speeds of 2-10 m / min. The machine has a total weight of 13,500 tons with a length of 220 m, height of 96 m. Bagger 288 needs 16.56 megawatts of electricity to keep the engines running. With a total of 12 caterpillars divided equally for 3 support systems, the Bagger 288 can move on any type of terrain.

NASA spacecraft transport system

NASA Crawler-Transporter is a giant transport system that uses crawler to send spacecraft to launch position. It used to transport Saturn IB and Saturn V boosters as part of NASA's illustrious moon apolo project. Later on, the Crawler-Transporter transports shuttles from brothels to launchers.

NASA spacecraft transport system. Photo: Wikipedia.
Like the Bagger 288 super excavator, the Crawler-Transporter uses electric motors. When it was first born, it was the largest machine on the ground that mankind ever built. However, the introduction of the Bagger 288 super excavator quickly pushed it down to second place. With a length of 40 m, a width of 35 m and a height of 8 m, the Crawler-Transporter can travel at a speed of 3.2 km / h, much faster than the Bagger 288.

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