5 Best Python IDE Choices For You

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an integrated environment for software development that helps you write better code. Not only that, IDEs also come with other supporting tools such as compiler, interpreter, error checking tool (Debugger), source code formatting or highlighting, directory organization. contains source code, search for source code... Therefore, it is very necessary for you to find yourself a suitable IDE for development.

If you're learning Python , you can download a default IDE called IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment), but it's pretty basic in scope and the environment's error-checking is rated as bad. consumes too much time.

In addition to IDLE, Python has many other useful IDEs that can help manage projects efficiently and quickly. Quantrimang would like to introduce some of the best IDEs for Python to help you be more productive. Check out the list below!

PyCharm , developed by JetBrains, is said to be a "charm" for Python developers of all levels. PyCharm offers many smart features such as code completion, easy navigation, and error checking. This IDE can automatically indent, detect duplicate text and check for errors. In addition PyCharm has intelligent source code search features to search word by word at a glance. In addition to Go-To, there is a Lens mode to hover the mouse closer to the code and highlight it to return to work later.

And of course an IDE with a lot of smart features like this will not be cheap, you will have to pay $ 200 for the first year, and from the third year you will get a discount from the publisher for $ 119. for the annual usage fee. With its amazing features, PyCharm is arguably the best IDE for Python programming of all levels. Along the way, you can find a complete set of tutorials on the JetBrains website.

If you're willing to give up a little smarter and more convenient features like PyCharm above for a free and open source tool, then go for PyDev . PyDev is a Plugin that allows you to install into Eclipse and program Python right on the Eclipse IDE. For a free IDE, PyDev also has no shortage of smart coding features such as code auto-completion, block indentation, highlight brackets, debugger, etc. Moreover, all the necessary features are included. available in the navigation menu and you can analyze your code easily.

Atom IDE
If you are looking for a modern Python text editor that is easy to use and has features that surpass similar software, then Atom is the best fit. Atom was introduced as being very hackable inside and out, allowing programmers to create new packages for every need, from theme making, to synchronization… This free and open source community is backed by licenses MIT, similar to Wikipedia of Python code. From the Atom website you can install over 8000 different packages. Besides, Atom also has a Slack community that makes it easy to find help and collaborate on your projects.

Wing Python
Another IDE Quantrimang would recommend is Wing Python (wingware.com). Wing is considered a high-end code editor and does not lack a feature. The personal version of Wing is free and full of features. You can use all the necessary tools for creating scripts and standalone applications, such as auto-completion, syntax highlighting, indentation, debugger, etc. Wing also has a professional version that adds advanced features. includes the powerful Django search engine and other framework support tools, for a $245 commercial fee.

PyScripter is a new software development environment for Python, which is completely free and open source tool. PyScripter is extremely lightweight unlike other high-end IDEs. The compiler of this tool comes with all the basic features of a coding platform and can cater to the needs of Python users of all levels, from beginners to experts. All programs will show up in the running window and you can use them as many times as possible to check for errors. Once again, this is one of the best free IDEs out there and you won't be disappointed.

According to the community of developers at StackOverflow.com, Python is considered the fastest growing mainstream programming language, increasingly used in Internet of Things and Big Data applications . Whether you are an experienced developer or you are just learning to code, it is always important to stay up to date with the latest coding environments. No IDE is ideal for everyone. The best IDE is the one that works best for you. But it can be affirmed, no matter what software you use from this article, you will not be dissatisfied with the results achieved.

Try and please let Quantrimang know your opinion!

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