11 mysterious ancient buildings in the world that challenge science

People living on Earth thousands of years ago created massive structures and extremely elaborate.

Scientists have spent centuries searching for answers to who, why and how they were created. There are many different theories put forward, even some people think that it is the work of supernatural forces from extraterrestrial Earth.

1. Stonehenge, England

Mysterious stone pillars in England. (Photo: pixabay.com).

According to local people, this rock was built by the magician Merlin. In fact, Stonehenge appeared before Merlin - who was close to King Arthur - was born.

How can people transport extremely heavy rocks from a place hundreds of kilometers away? The area around Stonehenge is nowhere near quarrying, meaning that people had to transport these rocks from far away.

The purpose of this construction is also unclear. Whether it is an astronomical observatory due to the position of the craters that lie with the solar system, or whether it is a place of prayer with the gods when Celtic priests have used it, we still don't know. Be exactly who used it for what.

2. Baalbek, Lebanon

The huge temple in Lebanon has puzzled scientists for centuries. (Photo: Anton Ivanov).

A temple belonging to an ancient architectural complex in Lebanon is the remnant of a city that once flourished in a single period.

There are still many unsolved questions around these ancient temples. The ancient Romans had no technique to carry blocks of stones weighing up to 1,000 tons and build this giant temple.

The Athenian Parthenon in Greece is about half the size of this huge Lebanese temple, and the largest stone in the Egyptian Pyramid weighs only 90 tons. Many natives believe this temple is the foundation of the great tower of Babel in the Bible.

3. Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange ancient building in Ireland. (Photo: UnaPhoto).

Although the construction company has built a road running into this building since the 17th century, it was not until 3 centuries later that people began to study the mystery of this building.

Large excavations have been found, with perfectly circular paths that are even older than the Pyramids in Egypt. In the center, scientists find the graves.

If you have the opportunity to visit Newgrange, you will find that astronomical events take place completely coincide with looking from within. The rays of the stars will fill the rooms. Irish folklore says it is home to elves and fairies.

4. Celtic tomb, north Caucasus, Russia

The tombs are small but extremely large in Russia. (Photo: mariakraynova).

This is a small tomb, built with very flat grinding stone, on a ridge. This tomb has small holes that can be closed by means of misery. It is not worth mentioning that these structures have masses in tons.

More specifically, the structures are interconnected so precisely that they don't need beams or materials to connect. The date of this work has been 5000 years.

5. Tikal, Guatemala

The Mayan pyramids in Guatemala. (Photo: Simon Dannhauer).

One of the largest Maya living areas. Surrounded by green forests, this place has artificial ponds, a large field, a playground of folk sports, a palace.

The greatest attention in this area, are the pyramids of absolute square shape. They are built in a 'where to, build there' manner in a temporary manner but are extremely solid and accurate.

Many hypotheses have been proposed to explain their function. Buildings used for religious purposes, places for research or cemeteries, are placed on top of the pyramids. The name Tikal means City of whisper echoes.

6. Stone maze on Bolshoi Zayatsky Island, Russia

The rock maze on Bolshoi Island Zayatsky is an interesting destination in Russia. (Photo: Vladimir Sevrinovsky).

Solovetsky Island is adorned with strange rock mazes, shaped in a spiral staircase. Locals call them Babylons. The entrances and exits are the same, so chances are you'll exit the maze right where you started.

But before it became a maze and a tourist attraction, what was it once? Many scholars consider it a trap, others argue that it may be a place used in traditional rituals, performing rituals connected to the spiritual world.

7. Petra, Jordan

It is unbelievable when the ancient people sculpted a temple gate higher than 900 meters completely by hand. (Photo: Pocholo Calapre).

An architecture higher than 900 meters above sea level is hidden in the rocks. The people who created it had to be very patient when chiseling large rocks to create such a masterpiece.

This is said to be the entrance of an ancient temple or tomb. Apart from its purpose, researchers still do not know how the ancients created it, except when using scaffolding, they can't seem to sculpt stones at such a height.

8. Terracotta army, China

Terracotta army is associated with the majestic history of King Qin Thuy Hoang. (Photo: Bule Sky Studio).

The tomb of Qin Shi Huang contains more than 8000 statues of warriors and war horses, which were buried with the generals according to tradition at the time. This army was created in 200 BC.

Surprisingly to the scientists, the statues were made to life-size and precise in every detail. Thousands of faces are different, unable to find two similar faces.

During the excavation in the 1970s, scientists had to be very careful during the work. An ancient legend is told about this tomb, that it is associated with the deceased Emperor from the afterlife.

9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Built for a long time but until the 19th century, Westerners only knew this great work. (Photo: lastdjedai).

The West did not know this wonderful work until the 19th century. Western scholars were amazed by this architecture of the Khmer.

The walls are so dense, no openings can be found. The stones are very flat, they are built and calculated to ensure the total weight of the building.

This is a complex of buildings with 200 temples located at pre-calculated positions, so that tourists standing in any corner can only see three of them. The drainage is also constructed scientifically, when the rainy season comes, the water will flood the places that were drawn and turn this area into an island in the middle of the vast sea.

10. Easter Island, Chile

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is one of the places that attracts many tourists because of its mystery. (Photo: Amy Nichole Harris).

A small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is surrounded by huge stone statues. There is much evidence to be found that they were transported here from another place.

The island is hardly able to exploit such large rocks, and it is located separately from the mainland. Mysterious questions about these statues have been challenging scientists for centuries.

11. Great Sphinx Giza, Egypt

Giant sphinx statues that have survived for thousands of years, are a witness to the tumultuous history. (Photo: Volodymyr Martyniuk).

The sphinx statues in the middle of the desert are perhaps the greatest mysteries of all time. It is believed that this is a work of the Pharaohs. Inside the giant sphinx statues are the rooms with scientifically created aisles.

History has recorded many big floods, but the building has lasted for more than 5 millennia. The Egyptians have a saying: "The world is afraid of time but time must be afraid of the ancient works of this country".

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