10 old luxury cars priced under USD 10,000

US - The list of old-class luxury sedans is still full of features and modern amenities.

Acura RL 2011

Acura RL brings an interesting driving experience thanks to the 4-wheel drive system, accompanied by a powerful engine, modern cabin and comfort. The price for the 2011 RL ranges from 9,901 - 12,756 USD. Photo: Car Pixel

2010 Audi A8

As a sedan carrying the key elements of a modern luxury car, the A8 is not flashy but enough for people to notice easily. According to the evaluation of KBB - a car valuation company in the US, this is a remarkable model in the range of 10,277 - 12,170 USD. Photo: Motor1

BMW Series 7 2011

Along with the Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 7-Series is one of three German luxury cars. Priced at $ 8,415 - $ 11,236, customers can easily find a 2011 7-Series or older. For this price, the 740i is powered by a turbocharged 3-liter V6 engine that gives the driver the best experience. Photo: Motor1

Cadillac XTS 2013

According to KBB, the old XTS cars are sold for prices from 13,572 - 15,661 USD, even there are many sold for less than 10,000 USD. This can be considered an attractive price for a luxury sedan equipped with a 3.6 liter V6 engine. Photo: Motor1

2011 Hyundai Equus

Before Hyundai created Genesis - a luxury brand developed separately, Equus was the leading model of the Korean car company. Equus owns many features and modern amenities come with either V6 or V8 options. Currently, the price of Equus 2011 is about 8,992 - 10,753 USD. Photo: Thecarconnection

Infiniti M 2010

Infiniti M was forgotten because this model gave way to Q70 today. For less than $ 10,000, the sedan is offered with the option of V6, V8 and hybrid engines. Photo: Motor1

2010 Lexus LS

Lexus LS is quite famous in the segment. According to KBB, just under $ 10,000, customers can choose the 2010 LS model but still fully equipped with modern features such as multifunction steering wheel, sunroof, leather-wrapped furniture, wood paneling. Photo: Car Pixel

2010 Mercedes S-Class

KBB said that a 2010 S-Class is priced at no less than $ 10,000 due to the comfort, convenience of the interior and the power of the engine, which makes the S-Class the standard for cars. modern luxury. Photo: Wemotor

2011 Toyota Avalon

Avalon is a model that approaches luxury, but still provides a wide range of criteria for spaciousness and comfort when sitting inside. According to the KBB survey, the price of Avalon 2011 is about 8,756 - 10,513 USD. Photo: Car Pixel

Volkswagen CC 2014

Volkswagen CC or Passat CC are sedans developed and inspired by coupes. In the US, customers can choose 2 engines 4-cylinder 2 liter or 3.6 liter VR6. According to KBB, the 2014 or newer Volkswagen CC costs less than $ 10,000. Photo: Thecarconnect

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